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Plonker 11th Hole



Website- Plonk Cafe

Plonker on 11th Creek !

Winners of 50% Dinner Voucher
John Tierney
Ray Gagen
Ray Ford
Bruce Huckle
Ian Morrey
Garry O'Rourke
Geraldine Steele 1st May 2018
Kerrie Leo 8th May 2018
Terri Aufmanis 15th May 2018
Jenny Hughes 22nd May 2018
Myra Conacher 29th May 2018



Hole in One



           John Crawford

          Hole in One - 5th
           16th May 2018

Corporate Golf Days at Warringah Golf Club

Corporate Golf Day 2

Corporate Golf Days

We can cater for a Golf Day of 20 to 140.

Our Golf Days Start from $65.00 per person.

Warringah Ladies Golf Club

Multiple Sclerosis Charity Day


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