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Thursday Golf Special


Thursday Golf Special 


9 Holes Golf and a Corona  
Only $25.00

Corporate Golf Days at Warringah Golf Club

Corporate Golf Day 2

Corporate Golf Days

We can cater for a Golf Day of 20 to 140.

Our Golf Days Start from $65.00 per person.

Masters Pennant Results

Master Pennant Results
4th June 2017
Played at Warringah

Cromer def Warringah 5 matches to 2 1/2

Jace Toro def Shane Floyd 5/4
Jamie Phillis lost Mark Taylor 8/7
Mark Crombie lost Kevin Roberts 3/2
Kush Naidu lost Tony Moise 3/2
Greg Britton lost John Cummin 2/1
Iain Gallacher squared Alex Robson
Dave Keirle squared Paul Jackson
Michael Cuzzilla def Scott Coredan 3/2


Masters Pennant Results
7th May 2017
Played at Warringah

Monash def Warringah 4 matches to 3 1/2

Jace Toro lost Brett Jardine 2 up
Jamie Phillis squared Doug Cullam
Kush Naidu lost Petr Dreyer 2/1
Mark Crombie lost Don Allan 1 up
Greg Britton def Stephen Robinson 2/1
Iain Gallacher def Don Parsonage 5/4
David Keirle def Keith Beattie 4/2
Michael Cuzzilla lost Stephen Clarke 7/5


Masters Pennant Results
30th April 2017
Played at Warringah

Pennant Hills def Warringah 4 1/2 matches to 3

Jace Toro lost Damian Maguire 1up
Grig Britton lost Michael Oakley 5/4
Jamie Phillis def Andrew Davison 3/2
Kush Naidu lost Bill Bell 2/1
Mark Crombie def Dave Edwards 1up
Iain Gallacher lost Neil Gordon 2/1
Dave Keirle def Kell Ferguson 2/1
Geoff Deegan lost Darren Thompson 5/3