Sunday 28th February 

First match against Royal Sydney gave us a 5-2 win at home.

Next week is the final round of sectionals. A draw or better at Royal Sydney puts us into the semifinals.

Sunday 21st February

Return match against The Coast we had a 6 ½ - ½ win.

Two rounds to go, next week home against Royal Sydney then away at RS 7th March.

Sunday 14th February


Today the team traveled to The Coast. Early 7am start, freezing cold and windy, although The Coast players said 30km/h was just a gentle breeze.

The team played well and with the last 3 matches still playing we still had a chance of a win. In the end The Coast prevailed but a 4 ½ - 2 ½ loss away isn't too bad.

Winners today were Steve Springall and Fraser Allan with Mitch Patison getting the half. Playing in reserve position, Warren Smith also had a win.

Next Sunday we take on The Coast at Warringah.



Sunday 7th February 

The return match against Northbridge today saw Warringah come home with a 6-1 win.

At the top of the order the first 3 were a rematch from last week's encounter at Northbridge.

At number 3, Dean Richards produced another 2up win over Brett Benson.

Mitch Patison revenged his loss last week to John Renshaw with a 3&2 win at number 2.

In the number 1 match Northbridge had the revenge with Dan Lewis defeating Curtis Alford 1up.


Down the order Steve Springall had a 3&2 win at 4, Fraser Allan won 1up at 5 and Jace Toro and Shane Golding won 6&5 and 2&1 at 6 and 7.

Next week we are away to The Coast, 7am start, Sunday 14th February.